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Concert Reviews

Send me reviews of any No Doubt concerts you've been to and I'll post them on this page. Some things to include might be the place, date, venue, opening acts, what songs were played, backstage meetings, etc.


Your Concert Review:

Name:Miss Fried
Place:The Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA
This concert was one of the early shows on their tour, so they were very energetic. There was an audience of about 15,000 and our seats were pretty far away. The Vandals and CIV opened, and were OK. It was a little hard to understand what they were screaming sometimes. Gwen talked to the crowd a lot and kissed Tony. The music was great and the set was pretty nifty. A lot of people were jumping up and down (especially during Spiderwebs.) They played that and Ob-Li-Di Ob-Li-Da for an encore. We left right after the show, so we didn't get to hang around and try to get backstage. I loved it!!!!!!!
Name:Miss Fried
Place:Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA
One Note: IT RAINED. AND RAINED! Oh well, I didn't really notice! MXPX and The Selector opened. I really liked The Selector. They had this great Jamacian swing thing! On the speakers between acts they played Madness (Our House.) When No Doubt took the stage it was obvious that they were tired. This concert was their third to last show, and Gwen told the crowd that many times. They didn't really play the crowd much and Tom only did his jump thing twice. By the end of the show, Tony was sitting down. Only Gabe and Steve were into it. They were up on top, twirling around all night! Gwen and Tony did the flower thing during Just a Girl. Gwen was wearing those black striped pants she is so fond of and a yellow half-shirt. Tom was wearing this Elvis outfit, Tony was wearing a red jumpsuit, and Adrian was just wearing his boxers. (Very casual) Gwen had her hair cut. She told a guy that she cut it because "I needed a haircut, dude!" After the show, we hung around in the ski lodge near the dressing rooms/backstage area, and we were trying to get bcakstage passes when Gabe and Steve walked right by us! Three feet away! Despite the rain, I loved this one too!!! Now the are going to Europe and I have to wait 'till who knows when to see another concert. :(
Place:Hartford, CT
No Doubt live is so incredibly rad. The show has so much energy. I went to the last concert of the Tragic Kingdom summer tour in Hartford, CT on July, 11. I expected it to be incredibly awesome, but it was 1,000 times better....I am a huge ND fan, I have been for a long long time, and next time they are anywhere near here I will definitely go! My favourite song they did was Total Hate, because that is my fave song of them alltime. I thought the long version of Sunday Morning was wicked cool. Gwen has a lot of energy, and the guys played well. The stage was beautiful, and I'll never forget the concert.